Use the Best Ingredients to Get Smokey Eyes Effect

Use the Best Ingredients to Get Smokey Eyes Effect

Jan 9th 2016

The latest fashion trend is to have a smokey eyed look for a party night. This style involves using darker hues of make to achieve the look of dark shadows around the eyes that make the eyes pop out and give it a dramatic effect. It is very appealing to the younger generation who are very influenced with the neo-gothic make-up styles. It showcases the wearer with a harder edge and so for a generation with no dearth of attitude, it is the perfect complement.

How to Attain

The trick to achieving this look is to use a set of dark colors, in hues of black, blue and even brown, which gradually spread out from the eyelids. The eyes have to be well defined all around and some also use a white make up pencil to line the lower lids, to make them pop out. It is fairly easy and the trick is to use a set of matte colors to achieve the effect perfectly. The smokey eye trend has transcended time.

Makeup to Use

Keep in mind that when you are considering adopting this style, it is for the night time, when drama is high. It makes the wearer stand out and with the rest of the apparel kept minimal and sleek, lends an air of sleek sophistication. The makeup needed for this can be found at any of the drug stores, online beauty products store and department stores. Many popular websites carry a range of products required to achieve the smokey eye effect. Below are some of our popular products to help you achieve the smokey eye look for your next evening occasion.